ATcl - "beta 2" version

I am glad to present a new version of ATcl. Work was continued on the unification and simplification of the API, it was possible to achieve stable work of Tk in the experts. Demos replenished with two useful demonstrations.


The syntax of the Set methods is changed - they always take the immediate MQL value as parameters. In order to assign a Tcl_Obj object to the variable, the SetObj method (varName, obj) was introduced. As the development of similar changes affect other methods.

Directory structure

The tcl scripts are moved to the Libraries / ATcl / demo directory The distribution includes the Cawt library (

Finally earned Tk. Now experts can do complex GUI without any problems.


Demo - WebSocket

Made a demo showing the operation of a websockets.

Http & WebSocket clients

Demo - CawtExcel

Demo showing the mutual exchange of data between MQL and Excel. It turned out a «universal» indicator.

Excel from MT4

There were problems with the old domain and ATcl moved to my personal domain; To avoid problems with the availability of the distribution, the files will be duplicated on SourceForge There you can leave feedback, requests and requests :-)

The project is distributed free of charge, without licensing restrictions and you can help its development with a coin donate

The distribution is available on the install download page and on SourceForge

Intermediate versions are also posted as you go to the forum: (russian language spoken)