ATcl distribution includes useful demonstrations. Small programs on the basis of which you can make your robots and indicators. All the above demos do not exceed 100 lines including comments but do useful work.

Script showing version of ATcl , information about installed Tcl and platform. Also demonstrates the basic techniques for working with tcl objects and calling scripts and obtaining results

The script calculates the basic statistical characteristics of the price. Shows the conversion of Mql timeseries to objects and how to connect and use Tcl packages

Saves the symbol quotes to the SQLite database. Demonstrates the basic techniques of working with the interface TDBC, generation, execution of SQL queries

Quite a very simple example, showing the use of object-oriented programming in Tcl and Mql.

Tcp server is represented both as an advisor and as a script. Accepts connection from telnet clients and translates over the network incoming quotes. The techniques shown in the demo can be used, for example, in copiers

Indicator which shows the current MQL5 Job orders on the chart. To do this, the script asynchronously requests by http the corresponding web page, parses it as a Dom-tree, selects the necessary elements through XPath and displays the result in the terminal. These techniques can be used in news advisers

If you suddenly lack the capabilities of Tcl, then you can easily supplement it with your modules in C / C ++. The example shows the compilation and execution of the function «on the fly» from the source text. The example uses a system compiler, but in libraries there is also a fully autonomous TinyC compiler.