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 +====== Почему Tcl ======
 +//​почему именно tcl был выбран мной для встраивания в платформу MetaTrader.//​
 +//​обновляемая статья,​ по мотивам (и для) обсуждения на форуме MQL5 : https://​www.mql5.com/​en/​forum/​245700 //
 +===== Why an additional language =====
 +Briefly, for what it would be desirable to use scripting language inside MQL:
 +  * ** simplification and reduction of recording algorithms, rapid prototyping **. In a high-level scripting language
 +algorithms are written very compactly and are quickly developed.
 +  * ** overcoming the "​problems"​ of MQL **. The language of the platform is focused primarily on interaction with the trading environment
 +and fast mathematical calculations. Arrays are not first-class entities, but dynamic structures
 +are rather difficult to program. For the sake of justice - it has justifications and partly it is solved by the "​Standard Library"​
 +  * ** Code reuse **. Many of the developed would like to be used outside of MetaTrader, and MQL is exclusively
 +trading platform language
 +  * ** Programming the GUI **. When I look at how programmers are tormented by developing components that can be displayed
 +only inside the graph and at the same time programmers calculate the pixels, I want to cry. 2018, the 21st century, trading platform.
 +In any language there are 1-2-3 modern, full-featured,​ stable framework for user interfaces.
 +  * ** Interaction with the "​world"​ ** - the trader'​s environment includes DBMS, tables, different data streams, news feeds,
 +analytical software and so on. You need the means to interact with this
 +  * I would like to have ** "​glue"​ for using other means **. In order to debug one DLL and one language in one platform,
 +and all others easily clung to him already. All modern languages ​​have mechanisms for adapting external modules from other languages.
 +===== Limitations and drawbacks of the solution =====
 +Of course, the solution will have obvious limitations and drawbacks, this too must be immediately understood and accounted for the scope of application:​
 +  * the use of another language entails the use of its infrastructure. Simply speaking, installation is required
 +this language with its libraries and tools on the computer.
 +  * programs using DLL:
 +    * can not be executed on popular "​VDS"​ MetaQuotes
 +    * can not be used in the "​optimizer cloud"
 +* can not be sold through "​market mql5.com"​
 +===== MT Features and System Requirements =====
 +Known features of MetaTrader work, which significantly influence the choice of the language for embedding:
 +  - There are three types of user programs:
 +    - indicators
 +    - scripts
 +    - experts
 +  - each program is a separate entity, works with its own memory and should not affect the work of others
 +  - for execution of the program, the platform calls its methods (standard functions) which must be worked out to the end
 +  - while indicators of one chart are executed (called) within one system thread associated with the chart
 +  - scripts and experts use a separate thread for each chart
 +  - MT functions can not be called from the DLL.
 +the main system requirement follows from this:
 +** "​should be able to run several independent instances of the interpreter (or virtual machine language) on 1 system thread."​ **
 +and one great wish (to make the impossible possible):
 +** "it is desirable that the language / interpreter has a" continuation "that is, it allows the return of the intermediate result with the preservation of its own state" **
 +===== User requirements (my) =====
 +To learn a new programming language is not so difficult, the more I have a presentation about their device,
 +and I consistently looked at almost everything. Of course, I had my requirements / wishes for them (with a few explanations):​
 +  - this should not be an exotic or very new / experimental language.
 +  - must have not too big API
 +  - The API must provide access directly to the language and data, and not just its console or bath-mode
 +  - the language itself must be quite high
 +  - have good application libraries
 +  - have a suitable license interpreter and libraries, which allows you to use it in freelancing or commercial projects without imposing restrictions on the customer
 +===== Forth, Lisp, C, C ++ =====
 +Forth and Lisp immediately disappeared,​ the first is too low, the second is so sharply different from MQL that using it is a dissonance.
 +Although anyone who wrote in MQL "​translator of arithmetic formulas"​ or "​calculator with brackets"​ almost realized one of them.
 +depending on the applied method of parsing expressions :-)
 +C and C ++, such interpreters,​ for example, Cling (https://​root.cern.ch/​cling) used in the analysis of CERN data, do not seem to be suitable.
 +Using scripts like C ++ within a C ++-like language will not make the recording of algorithms easier or faster.
 +Remained the following group of popular languages: Python, Ruby, R, JavaScript, Lua, Tcl